If you have a problem that may be considered complex or sensitive, hiring a private detective can be a quick and discreet way of finding ways to resolve it.

Our team of corporate investigators is composed of detectives, forensic experts and computer engineers with years of experience in the fight against financial fraud, business corruption and economic crimes.

We are discreet and offer a full range of investigation services to help clients find answers to their issues and our private detectives are highly trained from varied backgrounds that enables them to deal with every eventuality, in this modern and complex world.

As a private detective, enquiries can range from personal issues like divorce to company issues such as suspected theft, so being discreet is essential,  some firms forget this, however we understand that your issue may mean that you cannot let family or work colleagues know, in which case we have well-established processes that ensure that the other parties do not find out that you are talking to us.


Unfair competition
Protection of industrial and intellectual property
Assets search
Activity control
Internal investigations
Hiring Process Analysis
Corporate defense
Economic crimes
Investigation of fraudulent activities
Control of labor absenteeism
Analysis of merger and acquisition
Financial and insurer fraud
Internal fraud
Undue appropriation
Obtaining and processing electronic evidence
Installation of hidden cameras
Heritage investigations