Information is a key element in defense and security. For this reason, our consultants and intelligence analysts collect and analyse large amounts of information, providing highly valuable reports; such as identification and monitoring of agents of influence, parameters of alerts or geopolitical risks controls.

Why should I monitor my network?

We can monitor security events that may occur at network level throughout the infrastructure, both in internal and external networks. Traffic is analysed and a list of the most visited sites is provided.

Why should I take penetration tests?

To discover all security breaches of a software application in an IT system or an IT infrastructure before someone takes advantage of it.

Why would I need IT security governance services?

To protect your company from potential civil or legal liability as a result of incorrect information or lack of due diligence.

Why should I do a security audit?

The security audit will reflect in detail the company's security level. We can help you with relevant and quality information that leads to better decisions and, ultimately, to better results.

Why should I manage my vulnerabilities?

Depending on the specificity of each vulnerability and risk analysis, addressing vulnerabilities may involve patch installation, network security policy modifications, software reconfiguration, or user security training.

Why is security risk management important?

You will have an effective tool for identifying risks and assessing the potential impact that would arise if the threat materializes, including factors that could lead to the threat materializing and who or what could be affected.


  • Identity and access management
  • Penetration Testing and code review
  • Strategic planning
  • Evacuation and emergency plans
  • Business Continuity and Disaster recovery
  • Detection and response to security incidents
  • Periodic vulnerabilities scanning
  • Security events monitoring
  • Automating security configuration
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Security Audit – Risk analysis
  • Development and implementation of security standards
  • Design and implement security program
  • Access Management Solutions
  • Solutions for secure network infrastructure (firewalls, IDS / IPS)
  • Security solutions for mobile devices
  • Firewalls to protect Web applications
  • Solutions for email and Web security
  • Solutions for collecting, analyzing and correlating security events
  • Solutions for database security
  • Vulnerability scanning and management solutions
  • Solutions for protecting workstations
  • Data Loss Prevention Solutions
  • Equipment for industrial network
  • Crisis management
  • Response to cyber incidents
  • Protection of critical information
  • Digital defense