Information is a key element in defense and security. For this reason, our consultants and intelligence analysts collect and analyse large amounts of information, providing highly valuable reports; such as identification and monitoring of agents of influence, parameters of alerts or geopolitical risks controls.

Security Audits

Vulnerability Prevention

Security Analysis


Security Solutions & Services

  • Development and implementation of security standards
  • Design and implement security program
  • Solutions for secure network infrastructure (firewalls, IDS / IPS)
  • Security solutions for mobile devices
  • Firewalls to protect Web applications
  • Solutions for email and Web security
  • Solutions for collecting, analyzing and correlating security events
  • Solutions for database security

Access Management Solutions

CIBS identity and access management solutions secure access to enterprise applications for both cloud and on-premises deployments.


“Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. The core values are the guiding principles that t dictate behavior and action. Core values can help people to know what is right from wrong, they can help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their business goals; and they create an unwavering and unchanging guide. There are many different types of core values and many different examples of core values depending upon the context. “

Vulnerability scanning and management solutions

Identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them. 

Solutions for protecting workstations

Deploy ESET’s unique multilayered, cloud-augmented technologies the most advanced malware protection on the market—developed in 13 R&D centers worldwide.

Data Loss Prevention Solutions

It’s important to have a data loss prevention policy in place at your enterprise. This can cover: data loss prevention tools, intrusion prevention systems, system information, event management, endpoint protection, and anti-malware systems are areas of IT security that overlap.

Equipment for industrial network

Inside the world of industrial automation, manufacturing and process automation continues to increase rapidly due to the many benefits it provides.

Response to cyber incidents

An attack or data breach can wreak havoc potentially affecting customers, intellectual property company time and resources, and brand value. An incident response aims to reduce this damage and recover as quickly as possible.

Protection of critical information

Information infrastructures form an essential part of critical infrastructures. In order effectively to protect critical infrastructures, therefore, countries must protect critical information infrastructures from damage and secure them against attack.