With enterprise-grade video quality, healthcare-grade privacy and patented routing technology, your users will experience true conversational video with crystal clarity. Powered by a global footprint of data centers, StreamPlay Cloud System provides high availability, low latency, and managed internet route optimization.

Rock-Solid Reliability

We deliver maximum uptime, and continuously optimized video delivers the best possible quality in every situation.

Patented Routing Technology

Only StreamPLay provides both temporal and spatial scalability, adjusting the frame rate and resolution to precisely target the best.

Crystal Clear Video on Any Device

Our platform delivers industry-leading performance at the extreme ends of the quality spectrum.

Mobile & Wireless

In network challenged environments, like mobile and wireless, our platform offers unsurpassed error resiliency – more than double the industry average.

High Resolution Endpoints

In robust network environments that leverage displays, our platform delivers the most stunning quality imaginable, up to 16x better than the industry status quo 720p.

Enterprise-Grade Security

At the application level, our platform meets the most stringent standards with TLS, SRTP, H.235, and AES 128-bit encryption. At the network level,  and include the 24/7 protection needed to meet any regulatory requirement.

Advanced Cloud Capabilities

Dynamic Adaptation

Continuously optimized video

High Security

Mission-critical video communications.

Massive Scalability

Elastic capacity utilization

Maximum Uptime

Power mission critical applications

Advanced Analytics

Constant monitoring services

Local Access

Proximity detection